Testimonials from Homeowners

Here are testimonials from homeowner clientele who have benefited from my energy consulting services:

A Greenfield client shared that the report from SJP Environment Consulting, LLC, is not only guiding her steps toward energy savings but was well worth the cost:

“I hired Sally as the first step toward making my 100-year-old Greenfield home energy efficient — insulation, new heat and hot water systems, solar, the whole deal. The detailed report she put together outlined and corralled all the pieces of the puzzle and is serving as my guide for moving forward. It was not only money well spent, but a terrific bargain.”

Monica from Northampton appreciated the value of the advice she received from her Initial Consultation and resulting report:

“Thank you for the comprehensive energy saving report for our home. You are providing a very valuable service to homeowners.”

Later, she reported that, “with the information you provided, my husband and I purchased a Bolt in January 2020 and we absolutely love it!”

A client from Hadley saw many benefits from her Initial Consultation:

“Sally Pick gave us incredible information about our house and how to easily implement ways to save money, make our house more efficient and also how to receive hundreds in rebates on the work we had done.  Each project quickly paid for itself with a combination of lowering utility costs and rebates.  The lowered utility costs continue.  As our house will soon be 125 years old, making it more efficient without ruining its Victorian style is a big deal.

~Thanks Sally!”

Russ and Sandy Thomas, of Greenfield, had this feedback on their Initial Consultation:

“Thanks very much for your energy consultation. After our Mass Save energy assessment, we were happy to have your additional recommendations. In fact just a few days after your consultation, we have already put some wheels in motion with our own repairs–easy fixes that now seem so obvious, but we missed them first time around. We now have great ideas to work with and look forward to a much warmer winter with a dry basement, too!”

Amy, of Greenfield, said the following about her experience:

“As a new homeowner I was completely overwhelmed and anxious about all the choices available for energy use and conservation. I had a few contractors come give me estimates but I was wary of the conflict between “Sensible option for my home” vs. “Trying to sell something.” I kept saying, “I wish there was someone who knew about all these things and had no financial stake in what decision I made” and then the universe delivered me SJP Consulting!

Sally’s services were exactly what I was looking for. She did a thorough exploration of all four levels of my house as well as the exterior and yard. I was impressed with her attention to every detail, her preparedness and her sense of humor. Her 12 page report (with additional info sheets about rebates, interest free HEAT loans and recommended contractors) was what I needed to organize what she saw as the priorities for my home. It allowed me to stop questioning every thing I heard (and spending a lot of time researching) and rely on her recommendations for short term, long term and “wish list” items for my 100+ year old, two-family home.

The money I spent on the consult, report and follow-up call were well worth every penny and very likely saved me a great deal of money (and stress!) in the long run. I’m relieved to be able to make fully informed decisions about what are the best choices for my home and trust that they are based on the professional expertise of SJP Consulting.”

A client from Montague is using the report she received to move ahead with energy-saving and moisture-reducing measures for her home:

“I just wanted to thank you for your thorough report! I am still going through it and checking off things to do. [The neighbor in my condo building] and I both got Mass Save assessments so that we can proceed with the [shared attic] insulation. I just bought a gutter downspout extender.”

Marti Hobbes, of Millers Falls, said this about her Initial Consultation:

“Thank you again for responding so quickly and thoroughly to my inquiry.  I am really excited to pursue the suggestions you have made.”