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MA EV Rebate Extended to September 30th

The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) extended Massachusetts rebates for electric vehicles (the MOR-EV program) for the final time. Rebates are available for new electric vehicles purchased or leased through September 30th, 2019.  However, the MA Greenworks Bond Bill would add funds to the MOR-EV program; the bill has been passed in the House but is waiting for Senate review.

Why is MOR-EV ending?

DOER funds the MOR-EV program with Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) auction proceeds. The success of the MOR-EV program and continued increase in electric vehicle adoption has led to program expenses exceeding funds available. Considering the accelerated spending, DOER proposed an amendment to adjust RGGI funding, that was not moved forward by the state legislature.

Purchases made October 1, 2019 or later will NOT be eligible for a rebate.


Finding Used EVs

Find used EVs for sale in your area by dealers and private sellers.


Electric Vehicle Handbook

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Plug-In Electric Vehicle Handbook for Consumers (note: excessive jargon and acronym warning)


Big Rebates Renewed for New, Efficient Woodstoves

Massachusetts residents and businesses with a working, non-EPA certified woodstove or fireplace insert are eligible for a standard rebate of $500 to $1,750 for replacing it with a qualifying, EPA-certified model. Those who meet income requirements are eligible for rebates $2,000 to $3,250. More details are available at


No Cap on Mass Save Insulation Incentive

Mass Save has lifted their $2,000 cap on covering 75% of the cost of insulation. There’s no limit on the total qualifying insulation costs that they’ll cover at their 75% incentive. You will still need to pay for the 25% out-of-pocket costs or explore getting a 0% Mass Save HEAT Loan for that expense.

To see if you qualify, you can call Mass Save at 866-527-SAVE (7283). If you are eligible, you can schedule an energy assessment to get the process rolling.

There’s more information on their website [], but you’ll need to talk with Mass Save to find out for sure if you qualify.


Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) Being Replaced by SMART Program Soon

The web page offers a clear explanation of this change of solar incentives expected to be in place soon. To qualify for SRECs, which are expected to have higher values than the new incentives under the SMART program, a solar system must be fully operational by the launch of the SMART program. Check with solar installers for details, to find out if SMART program incentives have been finalized, and to see if there’s still time to have solar installed to qualify for SRECs.


MA Solar Loan

This program makes low interest loans available for financing residential solar power (PV), allowing homeowners to get solar without the large upfront costs!

The program offers:

  • A low-interest, fixed-term loan for homeowners and residents
  • Additional loan support of 10-30% off the cost, for income-qualified moderate to low-income solar owners

Two lenders are participating in the program in our area.

To qualify for this loan, you’ll need to start with a quote from a participating MA Solar Loan Installer (list available on the website below) and review the program steps on their website before starting the installation process.

See for more details.


30% Federal Tax Credit for Home Solar 

The 30% federal investment tax credit for residential solar power projects lasts through 2019, before it begins to taper down 4% each year and expire in 2022. So, if you want to explore getting solar power for your home, you have time to decide and to take advantage of this big solar tax credit.


 IMG_3355 EV in DC during climate march

Save thousands on electric vehicles                                                            

This offer for big discounts on select electric vehicles (EVs) came my way from the nonprofit, Green Energy Consumers Alliance and their Drive Green initiative.
Check this link for current offers:
Their website includes a list of participating dealers, cars, and discounts under the program.
Questions? Contact Green Energy Consumers Alliance at 800-287-3950, email:


Mass Save Early Heating & Cooling Equipment Replacement Rebates

Mass Save is offering heating and cooling equipment replacement rebates year-round of up to $3,500, for replacing working 30 year old or more boilers and 12 year old or older furnaces and qualifying central AC and air source heat pumps.

First schedule an energy assessment or site visit to find out if your heating or cooling system is eligible and make sure that the new equipment to be installed meets Mass Save specifications. You may also be able to use Mass Save’s 0% HEAT Loan for your new system.


Mass Save Rebates for Clean Heating & Cooling!

Mass Save offers sizeable rebates for efficient, electric air source heat pumps (centralized & ducted) and ductless mini splits.

For more details, see

And you can apply for a 0% Mass SAVE HEAT Loan for air source heat pumps & mini splits.