Climate Change & Clean Energy Article Links

These links to articles and videos cover a range of topics, including the benefits of an efficient and clean energy economy, home energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities and incentives, electric vehicles, climate change impacts, and how we can each have a positive  impact on climate change and stay motivated to take action.

The NRDC’s article with the link below reminds us that, “Greenhouse gas emissions are ultimately the result of billions of individual decisions.” Each of us can make a difference.


Shaving our electricity use during peak electricity demand days, such as heat waves, to help keep our energy supplies from using higher polluting fossil fuels such as oil and coal, and to prevent electricity prices from rising

From that page, you can also sign up for Mass Energy’s Shave the Peak alerts to remind you when it’s a peak energy use day, and how to help keep our electricity suppliers from emitting more greenhouse gases.

Ireland to divest from fossil fuels

Study: Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Still Boosting Northeast Economies

Can Dirt Save the Earth?

Tesla is helping build the world’s biggest ‘virtual power plant’

Closer to home, Green Mtn. Power, in Vermont, is also installing battery storage in homes

Nearly half of utility-scale capacity installed in 2017 came from renewables

From Oil to Solar: Saudi Arabia Plots a Shift to Renewables

Cutting flatulence to save the planet–BBC News

Banishing the Climate Change Blues: Anxious about where our planet is headed? Tip one: You’re not alone—and that means a lot

A/C without electricity

Renewable Energy Is Creating Jobs 12 Times Faster Than the Rest of the Economy, Forbes

The irreversible momentum of clean energy by Barack Obama, Science

NASA on global climate change

Does Climate Change Threaten National Security?

My Turn editorial by Pat Hynes, The Recorder

Summary of Federal & State Incentives for Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

Energy Efficiency

Mass Save

Mass Save Rebates (may vary depending on your utility; some are time-limited)

Mass Save 0% HEAT Loan

Energy Star Products

Renewable Energy

About Solar Electric (aka photovoltaics or PV)

About MA Solar Loans for PV

About MA Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) for solar PV [SRECs for new PV systems no longer available after March 31, 2018]

About the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) Incentives Replacing SRECs after March 31, 2018

Promoting solar

About Solar Hot Water & Rebates

Electric Vehicles


Information about electric vehicles, charging, etc.

Natural Landscaping

Landscaping for Energy Efficient Homes

Nasami Farm Nursery (selling plants native to New England)

Massachusetts Invasive Plant List

Bird guide, id tips, sounds, & videos