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I am committed to helping residents of the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts reduce energy wasted in their home and explore renewable energy possibilities such as solar.

.    With a friendly, unbiased perspective, I help homeowners:

  • Develop custom, short and/or long-term plans to reduce a home’s wasted energy, not unlike an architect working with a client to develop a building plan
  • Understand renewable energy options such as solar power (aka photovoltaics or PV) and solar hot water
  • Navigate and get the most out of Mass Save’s weatherization program, learn about Mass Save independent installation contractors that I have vetted, and adopt energy savings beyond the limits of allowed Mass Save measures, as desired
  • Learn about and prioritize cost-effective measures for a cozier home with less wasted energy, healthy air quality, and lower CO2 emissions
  • Explore energy efficient mechanical systems like air source heat pumps and mini splits for heating and cooling
  • Take advantage of current financial incentives, including rebates and tax credits, for energy installations and efficient appliances, by providing forms and guidance on tapping incentives
  • Learn about the latest financing options for energy projects such as  low-interest, MA Solar Loans and existing 0% loans for insulating, Energy Star windows, solar hot water, mini splits, and more
  • Find qualified local energy contractors, vetted by SJP Environmental Consulting, who specializie in weatherization, efficient heating/cooling and hot water systems, and renewables such as solar
  • With advice on green living practices including: natural landscaping, water use reduction, composting, sustainable building practices, and healthy home products

Initial Consultations include: a 2-hour site visit, a report with recommendations, a list of local energy contractors vetted by SJP Environmental Consulting, other applicable resources such as rebate forms, and follow-up time by e-mail or phone for questions.

I am also available to consult on an hourly basis for guidance and project coordination for efficiency and renewable energy projects.

For example, guidance may include prioritizing insulation opportunities; explaining solar power, its requirements, costs, and incentives; discussing possible solutions to drafty and/or moist trouble spots in a home; measuring a fridge’s energy use and comparing it to current Energy Star models; explaining mini splits for efficient heating and cooling, where they work best, and available rebates and loans for them; and providing a client with a list of vetted energy contractors for implementing their desired energy projects.

Depending on the scope of work, what homeowners spend on my consultation is typically paid back (and then some) with the incentives and low interest loans that they learn about and the ongoing energy savings they will see.

For technical analyses such as projected energy use and specifications for heating/cooling systems, solar system designs, and combustion safety testing, I provide my clients with a list of energy-related contractors that I have vetted. The contractors can give clients options, specifications, and technical design recommendations based on the client’s home and preferences.

If you would like more information about any of these services, please contact me, Sally Pick, of SJP Environmental Consulting, LLC.


Brief testimonials (full reviews on Testimonial page)

A Greenfield client shared that the report she received from SJP Environment Consulting, LLC, is not only guiding her steps toward energy savings but was well worth the cost:

“I hired Sally as the first step toward making my 100-year-old Greenfield home energy efficient — insulation, new heat and hot water systems, solar, the whole deal. The detailed report she put together outlined and corralled all the pieces of the puzzle and is serving as my guide for moving forward. It was not only money well spent, but a terrific bargain.”

A client from Hadley saw many benefits from implementing recommendations made by SJP Environmental Consulting, LLC:

“Sally Pick gave us incredible information about our house and how to easily implement ways to save money, make our house more efficient and also how to receive hundreds in rebates on the work we had done.  Each project quickly paid for itself with a combination of lowering utility costs and rebates.”

Amy, of Greenfield, said the following about her experience having an Initial Consultation with Sally:

“As a new homeowner I was completely overwhelmed and anxious about all the choices available for energy use and conservation. I had a few contractors come give me estimates, but I was wary of the conflict between “Sensible option for my home” vs. “Trying to sell something.” I was impressed with [Sally’s] attention to every detail, her preparedness and her sense of humor…The money I spent on the consult, report and follow-up call were well worth every penny and very likely saved me a great deal of money (and stress!) in the long run.”

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